Wendy: Take Soos’s hat.

You quickly captchalogue Soos’s HAT with your nifty CARVER FETCH MODUS.  You’re not really sure why.  You already have a frickin’ awesome hat.  It seems kind of silly to pilfer your coworker’s accessories.

Now what?

Wendy: Nudge Soos.


You sneakily nudge the sleeping teen with your foot. This proves to be entirely unsuccessful in waking your slightly comatose coworker.

> Wendy: Take Soos’s hat.



Your name is WENDY.  As was previously mentioned, you are stuck in an OLD TIMEY LAB.  A number of BEFUDDLING SCIENCE-Y INSTRUMENTS surround you and your unfortunately unconscious friend, SOOS.  You like to fill your TIME with reading TEEN MAGAZINES and hanging out with your CHILL POSSE.  You have a fondness for CLIMBING TREES, and don’t seem to be aspiring to be ANYTHING at the moment.  But come on.  You’ve got all the TIME in the world.  You’re only 15.  It’s not like 15-year-olds are required to go out and save the universe or anything like that.

> Wendy: Nudge Soos.

Wendy: Look around.


Thank goodness that annoying, required introduction is out of the way.  Not that it was actually required.  You’ve known your name for a while.  You’re not some 13-year-old, after all.

But it does get hard for people to remember your name if you don’t have your name tag on.  Which seems kind of silly, but it doesn’t really bother you that much.  You don’t get bothered by much as it is.


You take a look around.  Yep, still kind of creepy.  It seems that you fell into some sort of OLD TIMEY LAB.  And now you’re stuck here?  Load of BS, if you ask yourself.  You don’t ask yourself, though.  You just think it.

You feel something coming on.  It feels like…another ANNOYING, REQUIRED INTRODUCTION!


Try again.


Good going!  Now what?

> Wendy: Look around.

I wanted to make the trolls in this story associated with the planets, but it appears that’s been done. Idk, man.

Enter name.

((Unannounced hiatus is over!  The next panel is in the queue.  :D  ))

Happy Thanksgiving from Gravitystuck!

Soos: Be the redhead.


You decide to take a little nap.  In the meantime, why don’t you be this REDHEAD?

You aren’t very happy about your situation at the moment.  Trapped in a SECRET LABORATORY with an UNCONSCIOUS DUDE?  Not your idea of a good work day.

It looks like your name tag is missing.  What would it say if it wasn’t missing?

> Enter name.